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Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
may have heard, according to a government study between 2007 and 2010 the median america family lost almost 40% of its net worth. many american families are falling out of the middle class and straight into poverty. in fact, for the first time there are more poor people living in the suburbs, the traditional home of the middle class, than in cities. we've been following three families as they confronted poverty for the first time. we've been with them on job searches and welfare offices, in their kitchens as they face losing their homes and their futures. yet never losing themselves. diane windemuller is the kind of do it all mom you often meet in the affluent suburbs of boulder, colorado. >> we're going to get some groceries. pasta, rice, cereal, a gallon of milk possibly, and eggs. >> she's an ambitious human resource executive with a masters degree, a husband, three kids, and a comfortable home. so what is diane doing here? >> you're entitled to the government commodities today. could you use rice crispies? >> yes. >> at a food pantry. >> i never imagined we would be in this kind
Oct 1, 2012 2:50am EDT
. >> and that's the same motto that drives the staff of sister carmen and government officials like hhs's frank alexander as they struggle to manage. >> when we look at data we've seen an erosion of the middle class. and our hope for many families is they do transition back to some sort of self-sufficiency for themselves. >> how much can we afford? can we as a society continue to spend this type of money to catch people that when they're falling everywhere we look? >> i don't think we can afford to not invest in our communities. if we don't, we'll have a generation stuck in poverty. >> you are an excellent packer. check out you. >> with just a month left before they have to move out of their home, the welch family still has not found another place to live. joyce has stopped hiding her family's poverty and begrudgingly accepted she's just another victim in an economic crisis beyond her control. and that, she says, is nothing to be ashamed of. even if you live in superior, colorado. >> people like me are on food stamps. it's people who want to go to work and can't find work and don't have an alte
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2